Anal Intruder 7
Lilly's friend is having trouble getting aroused. So Lilly does what any good friend would. She tries to find the magic formula. She tries vibrators. Voyeurism. Spanking. Peter North. Nothing works. Until she tries DP's and anal. Bingo, Presenting Anal Intruder 7 directed by Michael Carpenter, with Lilly Xene, andiher dirtiest. May we intrude?
Serial Fuckers 7
Buried to the balls! Includes: anal, gangbang, cum facials and 3-ways.
Rapid Fire
Everyone's seen one of those porn flicks where things go on for far too long. Who can watch the same people cavort for 40 minutes on end, anyway? The clever premise for this new series is that each scene can last no longer than ten minutes. Wham, bam, thank you Mark Wood, for coming up with an idea whose time has come. Each of the quickies is delivered with maximum heat, with no time spent on prelims or set-ups. It's just pure, action packed sex.
Cheeks 4
Porn star writer/director, Brit Morgan, knocks the classes on their asses in this sparkling satire of rags to riches, bums to bitches. You can make a bum a butler, but will he do anal?
Real Hardcore Swingers 4
4 hours of awesome orgy action! Tag team fuck matches! These girls aren't afraid to show their true colors. They love takin' on as many cocks as possible at the same time and swappin' partners left and right. They don't care, as long as their pussies get pounded and their needs are satisfied!
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Nina Hartley's Private Sessions 10
HARDCORE XXX BONDAGE ACTION! This sizzling series continues with Nina Hartley torturing her willing subjects all for your pleasure. Nina and Ernest introduce some new blood into their bizarre world of bondage and fetish! Leather, strap-ons and extreme domination can all be found here, with a familiar rock solid hardcore spin that you're sure to cream over!
Hard To Swallow Vol 1
Deep throat 'til you choke! It's a blowjob blowout! Rodney Moore, the King of Cream, is at it again! You'll be blown away just like these cock-sucking cuties. Hear them choke as they try to swallow every inch, see them gag as he overflows their mouths, feel their shame as he blasts all over their faces! These cum-gargling tarts should know better than to talk with their mouths full. It's time that they learned Rodney is Hard To Swallow!
Suckers 3
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Role Models 3
In times of uncertainty and woe, porn stars have always been the role models for young people everywhere. But, to whom do porn stars turn when they need a little guidance and support? Today, on a very special Role Models 3, join us as we visit with porn star Hannah Harper and her family and we discover the importance of strong family values within the adult industry. Heart-warming and Refreshingly Real, Role Models #3 will change your perception of naked people that fuck for a living.
Trombone Blown 6
100% Asshole licking. Every girl must eat man ass!
The Golden Age Of Porn Lisa Deleeuw
She's the hottest redhead of all time! Her soft, big tits and sweet, round ass make her the sweetheart of any man's wet dreams. In every way, Lisa enjoyed sex, and now you'll see the difference between real sex crazed nymphos and today's play for pay girls!
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Hit That Phat Ass 9
100 percent black, anal, and bad to the bone! These chocolate lattes are in need of some heat, and nothing gets them going quicker than a little rod up the Hershey highway. Watch Byron Long and Julian St. Jox put them through their paces as they open up the highway of love for some nasty, dirty hardcore action!
Bend Over & Say Ahh 2
Needing an advertising campaign, Mu Mu Sol Laxative Inc. takes a risk! To their surprise pushy advertising executive, Tom, delivers the catch phrase - Bend over and say ahh! Airing during a national sports extravaganza, it's an unexpected hit with the ladies who are more than ready to bend over to get what they want!
Xtasy Airlines
Check out this Euro masterpiece from Heatwave Platinum, featuring beautiful girls, exciting outdoor locations, and hot sex in Jet airliners! Sex on moving motorcycles through the countryside makes this feature truly sizzle! Cum join the mile high club!!!
Roller Ball
Roller blading in the park, and a vicious game of Roller Ball end up in a free for all frenzy of unbridled sex. Anal, DP, Blowjobs, two on one, threesomes you name it this sweaty hot flick has everything imaginable.
Naked Scandal 2
Are you craving a juicy scandal? Well, you've found the hottest there is...catch up with Kathy Willets as she shares the second half of the shocking saga that rocked the nation. It's a no holds barred account of the case that had Florida's legal cummunity running for cover! From housewife to whore, Kathy tells it like it is. Catch Naked Scandal: Part two. You'll be amazed what fun a girl can have with a hidden camera and a little imagination...
University Co-eds Issue 4
WELCOME.To our fourth issue of University Co-eds. As usual our commitment to you is to bring you, the viewer, the freshest and youngest college pussy available.One memorable coed at our shoot was shelbee Myne. She was so fantastic, I felt giddy around her, like a schoolboy with a crush.Rianna and Dave Hardman do a scene about a girl lusting for her step dad. Which was so erotic my dick was so hard it was hitting me on the chin when I took a piss! Besides all the B.S. Thank you support.As always:Have fun, Don Marque
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