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Suckers 3
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Trombone Blown 5
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Teen Tripple Trouble
4 hours of 3-way teen sex! Naughty 18 and 19 year old hotties! Tight teens get double stuffed! For these young whores there's nothing better than getting back at all those mean teachers and administrators by getting plowed by a couple of older men!
Pu-tang Dynasty
What is it that makes Asian cuties so desirable? Find out in Pu-Tang Dynasty!
Leechee Nuts
We suck on your chop stick long time! Asian sluts that drain your nuts - in their mouths or in their butts!
Serial Fuckers 20 White Chicks. Big Black Dicks
These white sluts in heat have an urgent craving for getting slammed and jammed by long, thick, throbbing, cum spurting ebony sausages. Once they taste black, they never go back ... so they say! Any Arguments!
Serial Fuckers 18 Asscapades
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Beaver Eatin' Bitches
4 hours of lipstick lesbos! Finger stickin' good! Back in the days, they used to say 'you can't plug a dyke with your finger'. But they were wrong. These happy-go-lucky lesbos are more than willing to jam four fingers, big ass dildos and tongues up each others cunts and asses till they're full. But they still keep gushing!
Semen Slurpin' Supermodels
These models don't strut and dance on the catwalk, but they sure know their way around a hard cock and a gooey wad of cum....
Hardcore Pussy Pounding Adventure
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Pussyman's Teen Land 1
Mr. Load's Wild Ride. The happiest adult kingdom on Earth. Wild wayward teens come to Pussyman's house to explore their sexuality.
Deep Inside Asia
Vintage Films is back with another four-star feature. This time they go deep inside Asia to find you the most beautiful Asian women in the entire porn business. Get ready to explore the minds and of course the bodies of these beautiful Asian women.
Kelly The Coed 1: Rush Week
Meet Kelly the Coed. Fresh out of high school and away from home for the first time, what's a young freshman to do but get into trouble? Watch as Kelly experiences her first Rush Week on Greek Row as rowdy frat boys pledge new brothers and little sisters
Nymph Fever 1
Military Intelligence reveals that opposites attract as power hungry pricks succumb to pure physical pleasure when the girls squirm out of trouble and into the Brass's beds, as NYMPH FEVER exposes this Sizzling Sexual Tsunami for all its worth!!!
Asian Sexual Rythm
The look. The move. The Dance. There is no greater sight than a beautiful naked Oriental woman dancing, sighing, and fucking just for you. Step inside the music. Go deep inside the tan wet bodies. Surrender your soul to the beat of their hearts, and the erotic ecstasy known as Asian Sexual Rhythm.
Rapid Fire 4
Locked & Cocked ... Set On Burst! Try to keep up with the fast and furious fucking here! The action is at such a rapid pace that you need to be careful. You might pound your pud so hard that your crotch catches fire! If that happens, don't worry, it's worth it!
Loose Morals
Step into the world of your average porn star and find out what makes them tick. Watch as these sultry vixens speak openly and frankly about what they love to do! And how they like to do it! Loose Morals is a fuckumentary packed with personal interviews
Rapid Fire 2
10 Hot Girls!Action packed with real firepower!
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