"Nurse-Doctor" Results 10 Movies
Dirty Blonds
Mayhem to the Maxxx! Seven hot blonds do the dirty deed in six amazing scenes. Anal fucking at its dirty best!
Nurses Of The Inner City 8
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Nurses Of The Inner City 4
Way down in the inner city, in the roughest and toughest of neighborhoods is where you can find some of the hardest working and hardest fucking babes in the land - the RN's and LVN's of the emergency room. These are the hottest black babes in the land and they get down and nasty just about anywhere. Brian is required to give a sperm sample for a test and this hot little nurse sure knows how to get a firm grip on the situation. This nurse sucks and fucks his big dick like her job depends on it. Just another hot day at the office. Weed's Homey has just been shot and diamond's the emergency room nurse who must give him the bad news that the wounds were fatal. What can she possibly do to help Weed's pain? This is the type of extra care that only one of these hot black nurses can bring. Pebbles is being reprimanded for wearing her skirt too high. But upon closer inspection, Dr. Jox understands just why she wants to show off those goods. A coochie this fine can cure any ailments, the good doctor soon discovers. Chocolate is overcome with a severe case of exhibitionism and is discovered masturbating in the operation room by a doctor. He then performs some invasive surgery with his favorite gynecological tool - his cock.
Ebony Nurses 4
Let these sultry and saucy Ebony nurses give you some sexual healing! Starring Nubian superstar Precious and co-starring Spantaneeus, this video is a first class ticket to Jizzville! So drop you pants, grab your cock, bend on over and say Mmmmm, bitch!
Nurses Of The Inner City Unit 6
There is nothing sexier than a woman in uniform, especially a black babe in a white nurse's uniform! Check out those white stockings and shoes as these luscious Nubian Nurses tend to their work. These girls solve every ailment they CUM across with a willing mouth and wet PUSSY. You've never too sick that you can't get it up for a Nubian Nurse. They can relieve whatever swelling you may have.
Ebony Nurses 3
Ebony Nurses #3! If you gotta be sick and in the hospital you want this crew of nurses takin' care of you! These sweet ladies of mercy know how to administer the meds... life is a lot easier with all of the sucking and fucking going on in this building of sickness!!
Knock Out
Everyone Scores.Hot sex action direct from Brazil!
Chunky House Call Nurses
First the cancer took Rods' hair, now it's taking his nuts. Poor Rod Fontana can't catch a break. This is until chunky R.N. Lisa Sparxxx shows up to nurse him back to health. Convinced she can suck the cancer out of his cock, Lisa is determined to save Rod's malignant ball sack or cum trying.
Kiki Daire Aka Filthy Whore
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Jessica Drake Aka Filthy Whore
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