"Oral" Results 4 Movies
Nuttin' Better Than Chocolate 1
100% chocolate girl on girl.
Greedy Girl
She doesn't wanna ride just YOUR crotch-roket--she wants to ride 'em all--she's a GREEDY GIRL!
Girls In Training 2
All you need are hot sluts to do all the dirty work for you. These sluts are Girls In Training. They're learning all the skills it takes to make a woman cum. We're sure they know how to make themselves cum, but what they don't realize is that every girl in the world is different. If girls didn't have a clit, they'd just be an endless puzzle with pieces that don't fit. These whores bring out the toys and tongues, double T's if you ask me, and get down and nasty. All these ladies are unbelievably beautiful and have the most perfect wet pussies you've ever seen in your little life.
Girls In Training
Becoming a world-class superslut takes a lot of practice, but these whores aren't gonna shy away from hard work! They're giving their pussies the ravaging of a lifetime with tongues, fingers, dildos and any other fucking thing they can ram up there!